Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes

Some of the highlights of the program include:
  1. YOUR SCHOOL GETS 10%! 10 percent of proceeds raised go back to the school!
  2. JDRF DOES THE WORK! Volunteers from JDRF teach students for a full day or as long as the school desires. JDRF teaches the kids about Diabetes and then goes over the program with them giving students ideas on how to collect donations.
  3. STUDENTS COLLECT THE MONEY! Students have two weeks to collect donations.
  4. JDRF ORGANIZES THE KIDS WALK! Two weeks after that day when JDRF has taught the classes, JDRF hosts a Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes on the school’s campus. JDRF volunteers come back to the school on the walk day and help to run it. JDRF takes care of collecting the money so teachers never have to collect, count, or keep track!
  5. SCHOOLS GET RECOGNITION! Your school will receive one of the following banners for the respective dollar amounts: Silver-Star = $1,000-$4,999, Gold-Star = $5,000-$9,999, or a Diamond-Star = $10,000.
  6. STUDENTS GET REWARDED! Students earn prizes depending on the amount of money they collect.

Don’t be left out!

We are now signing schools up for the entire school year.

Pick Your Favorite Date!

You can sign up by e-mail,, or by phone, 561.686.7701.